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Intuitive and abstract painter


My art is a meditation. Born from intuition, experience, or deep connection to source, I work first with personal marks, followed by an underpainting that includes my processing of emotion, block, or other factors that may affect my life. After discovering the true beauty in my own past, I embrace it and allow it to shine through. The “quiet” portions of the paintings honor the meditation process as well as the peace that is achieved through the process.

“Key Into Baltimore” 11×14 acrylic on paper $150
“Pride of Dandelions” acrylic and pencil on paper, 11×14 $150
“Maka” acrylic, pastel, oil stick on vintage wallpaper approx. 27×48 inches $1200
SOLD “We Dreamed in Caves” 27 in by 54 in, acrylic, pencil, pastel, oil stick on vintage wallpaper.
“Healers” acrylic, pencil, pastel on vintage wallpaper, approx 12″x14″ mounted and framed $750
“Discussing the Headlines with the Cat” acrylic, pencil, pastel on vintage wallpaper, approx 12″x14″ mounted and framed $550
“Memory In Silhouette” acrylic, pencil, pastel on vintage wallpaper, approx 7″x13″ mounted, framed $450

I am an intuitive and abstract artist, having studied under teachers including Gerald Stoner, Lauren Watrous, Linda Shere, Lisa Brooks, Elaine Franz Witten, and Lee Williams. My work is constantly evolving, allowing emotion, meditation, and the forces of nature and the universe help me create personal time stamps. I hope you enjoy them.

Contact Info

Rosie Wolf Williams



I am an intuitive and abstract artist who works in acrylics on paper, wood, or canvas.

Born in central Illinois, my first memory of being an artist comes with the scent of Crayola crayons and Elmer’s glue, the sound of round-edged scissors tearing through construction paper, and the excitement of receiving “junk boxes” filled with crafty bits from my favorite aunt.

My family moved to Europe when I was 10, and that move opened my eyes and heart to the work of the masters. I viewed original works by Picasso, Van Gogh, John Constable, Alexander Calder, and other artists in museums and galleries, and found inspiration in the works and motivation of the fauvists and the Canadian group of Seven. I planned to pursue and art degree after high school, but several personal events changed my life’s direction.

I spent several years in Canada as an adult, and again made connections with such painters as Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, and other artists who followed their own artistic paths. As an older adult, the call to continue my passion was clear. At age 62, I enrolled in the Community College of Vermont to learn more.

I use acrylic paint, pastels, graphite and other marks on paper, canvas, or board to interpret my connection to the earth as well as the greater consciousness. I use meditation and intuition to create paintings that illustrate a concept, a memory, or an emotion. Much of my work is intuitive and abstract, but I also find solace in painting more lifelike scenes that evoke the magic of the woods.


Studied under:

Gerald Stoner

Lauren Watrous

Linda Shere

Lisa Brooks

Elaine Franz Witten

Lee Williams

Selected Exhibitions

2023 My Backyard, Las Laguna Art Gallery, 50 and Older, August 2023, Online Exhibition


Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, Vermont

Southwestern Vermont Chamber of Commerce


“At the End of the Day”, acrylic on canvas board. Private collection, Vail, AZ

“Like a Cactus Tree” acrylic on cradled board. Private collection, Phoenix, AZ

“Evening Lake” acrylic on paper. Private collection, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

“Dancing in a Storm” acrylic on paper. Private collection, Bennington, Vermont

“Underneath It All” 30in.x40in. acrylic on canvas. Private collection, Bennington, Vermont.

“Pride on Main Street” acrylic on paper. Private collection, Bennington, Vermont

“We Dreamed In Caves” acrylic on wallpaper. Private collection, Tucson, Arizona.

“To the Moon and Back Again”
“It’s All Under the Bridge” Acrylic on paper