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Now Open for Intuitive commissions

My commission process is unique. Unlike other forms of art, my work is never predetermined, and I follow a unique process to make a one-of-a-kind painting. It begins with the child (the initial mark-making), followed by the experience (the underpainting) and multiple layers of education (layers of paint that may or may not appear in the finished product). I use intuition, meditation, clairsentience, and claircognizance to create your unique abstract painting – and the work is never copied or shared with others.

Are you ready to address the obstacles, traumas, or sadness that has affected you? Do you want to honor a loved one, or embrace a new beginning? The commission process begins with YOU. You tell me via phone (or send a written testament) what you would like to accomplish or acknowledge. That information is incorporated into the underpainting of your work, and will affect the “noise” and “discussion” that goes on this experience layer of the painting process. Then I work intuitively , to find the goodness and beauty of the experience, highlighting it with a blanket of education, understanding and quiet. This painting is made for YOU, and I will not use this work for promotion or make prints of the completed work. See testimonials.

If you would like to experience work of this kind, contact me at

Intuitive Commission Prices

12″x12″ gallery wrapped canvas – $900 plus shipping and handling

20″x20″ gallery wrapped canvas – $1111 plus shipping and handling

Additional canvas sizes or paper creations are available on request

Available Noncommissioned Work

“Wind Blows West” acrylic on wallpaper
“maka” acrylic, pastel, oil stick on vintage wallpaper approx. 27×48 inches $1200
SOLD “We Dreamed in Caves” 27 in by 54 in, acrylic, pencil, pastel, oil stick on vintage wallpaper.
“We See Moments” acrylic 11×14 on paper. $200
“City Morning After” 11×14 acrylic on paper $150
“Key Into Baltimore” 11×14 acrylic on paper $150
“Where the Stars Become Birds” 16×20 acrylic, pastel pencil on unstretched canvas $600
“Salt River Horses” acrylic on wallpaper, mounted and framed. approx 17″ x 25″, mounted and framed. $1100
“Healers” acrylic, pencil, pastel on vintage wallpaper, approx 12″x14″ mounted and framed $750
“Memory In Silhouette” acrylic, pencil, pastel on vintage wallpaper, approx 7″x13″ mounted, framed $450
“13 Seconds to Cross” acrylic, pencil, pastel, on vintage wallpaper, approx 7″x 12″ mounted and framed $450
“I Thought I Saw You In the Garden” Acrylic on Canvas 30″x40″ $1100
“Pride of Dandelions” acrylic and pencil on paper, 11×14 $150
“Ring Out Wild Bells” acrylic, pencil on vintage wallpaper, approx. 7.5″ x 9″ mounted with frame $600
“Soft Days and Mild Winds” 11×14 inch acrylic, pen on paper. $150
“Horses and Men In Rain” acrylic, pencil on vintage wallpaper approx 7.5″x9″ mounted and framed $600
“Downtown Dog Walker” acrylic on board, no frame $250
“Discussing the Headlines with the Cat” acrylic, pencil, pastel on vintage wallpaper, approx 12″x14″ mounted and framed $550
“At the Crosswalk” acrylic on paper $450 mounted and framed

Salt River Horses

Memory in Silhouette

“Dancing Spider” Acrylic on paper 11×14 in. mounted and framed $550
“I Told the Bees” acrylic on paper 11×14 mounted and framed $600
“But Everything It Fits So Well” acrylic on 12×12 on paper $550 mounted and framed

Contact me for More INfo

Paintings are mounted and framed upon sale. Framing sizes and other details discussed with the client.

We Can See Our House From Here

At the Crosswalk

Messages from the Ancestors

Fly Away